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Vocational Program: Montgomery County

Target's Vocational Services include the Employment Services Program that began in 1999 with only six participating individuals. Today, the organization provides customized, long-term vocational support for over 70 individuals with disabilities. This program broadens employment options through comprehensive, individualized career exploration, job training, placement, and ongoing support as needed for individuals with intellectual and development disabilities. Target's Employment Services Program broadens employment options through on-the-job support and job coaching.

Target also coordinates volunteer placement through Community Development Services that not only provides valuable training for clients, but improves their employ-ability. These experiences provide a means for these individuals to contribute positively to the community in which they live. Target maintains extensive case management files for each client, ensuring that individual vocational goals are met and providing direct on-site client supervision, as needed.

Job Development establishes existing opportunities for individuals that matches their desires, interests and abilities, and encourages independence, as well as personal and professional growth in an employment environment. Customized Employment is a flexible employment relationship that meets the strengths, needs, and interests of a job seeker and the specific needs of a business to create a job description through the process of discovery.

Our clients work in volunteer services, giving back to the community, and in paid positions throughout Montgomery County and Washington, D.C. They are employed in businesses that include restaurants, hotels, retail establishments, and grocery stores. Target clients also work as paid employees and interns in a variety of county, state and federal government positions. These individuals become valued team members of their organizations. The ultimate goal of Vocational Services is to provide the training and job support services necessary to assist clients in developing and enhancing their skills, enabling them to secure and maintain gainful employment.

Contact Montgomery County's Vocational Services' Department
for more information at 240-632-1434

Keturah Buchanan, Director of Vocational Services - ext. 14

Andrew Brewster-McCarthy, Employment Services Manager - ext. 17

Rosemary Davids, Vocational Manager - ext. 21

  Vacant - Lead Employment Specialist - ext. 27

Tracy Moore, Employment Consultant - ext. 29

Terrence Shields, Employment Outreach Coordinator
 - ext. 24

Nichelle Sumner, Supported Employment Manager - ext. 15

Tammy Zimmerman, Employment Specialist - ext. 30


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