Wisdom From the Stoics

“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.” This quote from the stoic Roman philosopher Seneca gets close to my thinking over the past couple of weeks. In the past three weeks, I’ve had several experiences with our friends from Target within the greater community. … Read More

No Crying in Baseball

It was a busy weekend for the folks of Target. In addition to all the typical weekend activities, the Wine with Friends Event was a success on Saturday night. Many of Target’s friends gathered at Black Ankle winery to share conversation, good food, and some wine. It was a pleasure … Read More

The Case for Attachment

The bean fields are beginning to take on brown highlights near Westminster this week. With cooler temperatures, autumn is approaching. Two memes circulate on social media this time of year. The first, often words over an image of fall foliage, “The trees are about to show us how beautiful it … Read More

Words Matter

A crucial ongoing conversation for those whose lives are improved by the presence of individuals with disabilities is the critical evaluation of the language we use. I imagine we are all familiar with People First Language and are also well beyond the use of the “r-word”. We have Jane Lynch’s … Read More

A Friend Indeed

The obligation of those without permanent disabilities as allies of those with disabilities is to create space in the social, educational, and vocational world for those who engage in society differently. The best I can do is to spend as much time in public with the individuals we serve at … Read More

Diving In

One summer years ago when Olivia, my youngest, was learning to swim, we spent a great deal of time at the local swimming pool. The summer I was writing my dissertation, the kids and I agreed that if they left me alone until 1:00 pm, we’d spend the afternoon in … Read More

Megan Giebel

I have had the pleasure of working as a Community Living Manager for Target Community and Educational Services. As a single manager, I have gained an immense amount of experience working one-on-one with clients having different abilities. I learned how to coordinate my time management skills working direct care shifts and … Read More

Complementary Cognition: The Benefits

Happy Monday. Some research from Cambridge suggests that individuals with dyslexia may be the key to future human evolution. The theory called Complimentary Cognition is beginning to get attention (see link below). The idea that students with dyslexia, whom society has long viewed as ‘less than,’ may be crucial to … Read More

Walking Each Other Home

Last Monday, I attended the Carroll County 4-H Fair as a part of a Chamber breakfast. As I transition to Maryland, Chamber activities allow me to network and meet with friends of Target.  The breakfast was terrific, and I connected with new faces, but the real excitement was the 4-H aspect … Read More

He’s My Brother

He’s My Brother If I had been born with a disability (in 1975), my parents would likely have been advised that my life expectance would have been such that I could be cared for at home without worrying for my life at the end of theirs. Had I been born … Read More

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