Target Community & Educational Services, Inc. was founded in 1983 by a group of parents who wanted better services for their children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In collaboration with Dr. Donald Rabush, professor of Special Education at McDaniel College, a unique partnership was originated that has grown into what the agency is today.

Awards at Target Community & Educational Services, Inc.Target offers a full range of customized services in Carroll and Montgomery Counties, including community living in our homes and Apartment Program, employment services, educational and life-skills training, Day Habilitation services, post-secondary education training, and Autism Waiver Service Coordination.

Since July 1, 1996, Target has been led by its president & CEO, Dr. Thomas J. Zirpoli, who holds the Laurence J. Adams Endowed Chair in Special Education at McDaniel College. Along with serving as the leader of Target, its president & CEO holds a McDaniel College faculty position and acts as adviser to students in the Human Services Management Master’s Degree Program in Graduate and Professional Studies at McDaniel College. Dr. Zirpoli earned his Ph.D. in special education from the University of Virginia and his M.S. and B.S. degrees in special education and psychology from Old Dominion University.

With over 230 employees, Target Community & Educational Services, Inc. provides personalized and professional care to its clients and their families. The organization’s activities are overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Mission & Value Statements

Target Community & Educational Services, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and adults with disabilities through quality, community-based residential, educational, vocational, recreational, and family support services.

Working Client with Target Community & Educational Services, Inc. and CCPS

We value programs and employees that provide a safe,
normalized, and high quality of life for all clients.

We value effective communication among employees,
families, clients, and the community.

We value well-educated and trained employees
who model appropriate instructional strategies.

We value an educated community, well-informed about current
services and issues for people with disabilities.

We value employees who empower clients to
take an active role in their local community.

We value employees who take initiative and have high
expectations for themselves and those we support.

We value effective partnerships with other service providers.

We value an environment that reflects a shared
responsibility for the well-being of our clients.

Board Members

Target Community & Educational Services, Inc. is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors that includes parents of clients, business leaders, educators, and community stakeholders. Each new member is selected by a board subcommittee and voted on by the entire board to serve a three-year term. After two terms, the board member must be off the Board for one year before being re-elected.

Meagan R. Elfert
York Manufacturing

Damian L. Halstad
Hoffman, Comfort, Scott, Offutt & Halstad, LLP

Dr. Julia Jasken
McDaniel College

Robin S. Kable
Wakefield Farm

Christine Cambareri Kay
Citizen Services for Frederick County

Janet Ladd
Carroll Community College

Sharon L. McClernan
LifeBridge Health

Patricia McGowan, Board Chair
Venable, LLP

George Perkins

Aileen R. Riley
Carroll Hospital

Dr. John Rosicky
Stevenson University

Dr. Thomas J. Zirpoli
Laurence J. Adams Endowed Chair
McDaniel College
President & CEO:
Target Community & Educational Services, Inc.