Changing the World Together

First, thank you. Thank you to Target Community and Educational Services and McDaniel College communities for bringing me to Westminster. I hope I am as good a fit for Target and McDaniel as this opportunity is for my life. My goal is to use the blog space as a space to construct a transparent dialogue related to the mission of Target. Hopefully, a two-way dialogue that unfolds in conversations throughout all our lives. Over time, you will come to know me, my perspectives, and the things that make me tick, just as I hope to know these same things about you.

Today, I would like to dedicate a few words to social change. I knew this opportunity was the correct next step, hopefully the last step of this kind, in an interview on the 11th of March. The meeting occurred in Conference Room A with the Manager team here at Target. In this meeting, with the help of the managers, I finally put the puzzle together.

Target is uniquely positioned to change society. Through our gaze on those with disabilities, dedicated to the human dignity of all individuals, we not only improve the lives of those who accept our services but also the next generation of leaders in not just this organization but in any organization one of our graduates goes on to—especially those team members who spend time as a CLM but go on to work in another industry. The experience of a life lived with those with disabilities, even for a few years, shapes our lives forever. We are better able to advocate for others and to model the gaze of not just acceptance but belonging.

I’m beyond grateful to be a part of this collection of people working together to transform our culture for the good of others.