Reflections on a Year

It has been a busy few weeks here at Target. Moving into summer creates great excitement for our colleagues and participants. The end of the fiscal year brings new opportunities as we plan for the upcoming year. July 1st also marked my first anniversary working with Target. What a year it has been!

I am excited about many things that will come over the next year:

This weekend we announced an across the board wage increase for hourly and salaried staff.

We purchased two new Toyota vehicles last month—a new Camry for the Montgomery County program and a new van for Houck House. Amy gave me the keys to both vehicles before they entered service. It was fun to put the first few miles on the well-driving vehicles.

Anytime Target replaces a van in our fleet, we reach out to Westminster’s Boys and Girls Club to donate the outgoing vehicle. This year they did.

We completed our Doctors for Dummies campaign to raise money to replace our CPR manikins. Sixteen new manikins arrived a few days ago. Danielle dropped everything to process them into service. Jess used them last week in their inauguration in a CPR class. Target teaches CPR/First Aid/AED training to our staff. We are looking for an agency that might benefit from our retired manikins. Please reach out if you know of an agency that needs our former CPR manikins. We would be happy for them to benefit another group.

Last week we strengthened our relationship at Carroll Community College by establishing an endowed fund to support Target staff completing the C.N.A. (Certified Nursing Assistant) program. We will soon begin a second fund to support Target staff in completing the behavior tech program at Carroll. Not only do these efforts improve the effectiveness of Target staff, but the local workforce is also developed through the capacity of our team.

Target’s birthday party is being planned. We turn 40 this year. On August 31st, we will have a birthday party at the Westminster office. The event will be hosted as a PM Connections event with the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce from 4:00-6:00 pm. Please join us for cake and a good time.

There is much more to come soon. Stay tuned!  Here is to another 40 years of Enhancing The Lives of Others!