Thank you to Direct Support Professionals

We are celebrating DSP Appreciation Week at Target!  Each year, we set aside a week to honor the Direct Support Professionals who work tirelessly daily to enhance the lives of those they serve at Target Community and Educational Services, Inc. More than one week is needed to celebrate the dedicated … Read More

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

On Friday, July 21st, Target hosted a training conducted by three Carroll Community College’s Physical Therapy Assistant program members. I have written about the three gentlemen in the past and the power of community engagement. When multiple groups within a community come together to serve others, the result is greater … Read More

Notes on a Life

Last week Target Community and Educational Services, Inc. lost a long-time, very special friend. Mr. Stan Weightman, Sr., passed away on July 26, 2023. Stan was the father of residential and vocational participant Liz. I have written about Liz in the past. She works two days a week at JeannieBird … Read More

Justice for All

Happy Monday. I am back in the office this morning after a week off for a cruise with my extended family. We left Boston and landed in Montreal, Canada. It was a great week with lots of new sights and new memories. The blog has been inconsistent over the last … Read More

Reflections on a Year

It has been a busy few weeks here at Target. Moving into summer creates great excitement for our colleagues and participants. The end of the fiscal year brings new opportunities as we plan for the upcoming year. July 1st also marked my first anniversary working with Target. What a year … Read More

Know Better, Do Better

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are Target Community and Educational Services culture hallmarks. Since the beginning, our mission has been to improve the lives of those with disabilities, a historically under and un-served population—our goal of enhancing the lives of the individuals and families who receive our services leads to equity … Read More

Endings and Beginnings

Lots of fun and excitement over the last several days in the residential program at Target. As the second year CLMs completed their studies and graduated from McDaniel College, parties in their honor were held at multiple sites. As the graduates moved out, it was time to spruce up apartments … Read More

The Only Constant

Growing up, I knew a man called Tom. Tom was a member of my church community, and most of our interactions occurred in a Wednesday night faith class. Tom was a participant, and I volunteered. Tom had a disability and received services from a local agency like Target. He lived … Read More

Gathering Wool

Happy Monday. I woke up early this morning to drive my parents to the airport. They flew in last Wednesday evening for a five-day visit. It has been good to have them here, and I tried to show them as much of Maryland’s beauty as possible. Some Target folks were … Read More

The Words We Use

Words have power, and words define reality. How we think and speak can tremendously impact those around us. Our conception of others, expressed in terms and lived in action, defines reality for another person. During my undergraduate studies, a favorite professor, a former schoolteacher, and principal, was famous for saying, … Read More

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