A Message for the New Year

Today a message was shared with all Target employees about the progress we have made as an agency over the last six months. We have made great strides in our IT processes, improved benefits to help families and those who face unexpected medical issues, minimized employee costs related to medical benefits, improved our retirement savings options, and created new partnerships within the community. All this while improving the already great programming offered to those we serve.

Target Community and Educational Services, Inc. is known for high-quality services to individuals with disabilities. But we are a human services agency, and the individuals receiving our services are only a part of the whole picture. As an agency, we must also be dedicated to serving the humans who commit themselves to improve the quality of life and dignity of those with disabilities.

As the end of the year draws near, I appeal to join us in our continued effort to provide the highest quality programming and employment opportunities. I have been grateful as I sign letters to thank you for your continued support. In each of you Target has a valuable partner, helping us realize our mission to change the world for those we serve.

Please consider a gift to Target’s annual appeal as you close your books on the 2022 year.