In Tune

Last week while hanging around the lobby of the Montgomery County office, I had the privilege of meeting Jack and his mother, Susan. Jack participates in Target services in support of volunteer work. One of Jack’s passions is music. He has studied classical music for many decades, sings in his church choir, and works as a professional piano tuner.

Susan shared the following video, highlighting Jack and his previous work at Piano Craft, a piano dealer, restoration, shop, and performance space. Due to the pandemic, Jack’s work at the shop was interrupted. Primary, his work in the shop was as a professional piano tuner. He now has his own LLC and works as an independent tuner.

In addition to focusing on Jack’s work, the video points to his gifts and needs as a human person and how employing individuals with autism benefits businesses.

Jack’s dream is to bring joy to the world, and music is the vehicle for realizing that dream.

Please check out the video and learn a little more about Jack, his gifts, and the gift of employment to those who engage differently in the world.

If you require the gold standard in piano tuning, look no further. I will be happy to help you get in touch with Jack.