Special Olympics Polar Plunge

Over the last two weekends, several Target community members attended and participated in the 2023 Maryland Special Olympics Polar Plunge. Joe Wu attended the Super Plunge event as a participant, jumping into the cold water each hour for twenty-four hours a row. He was also on hand to cheer those who participated and observed the Corporate Plunge event last Friday. Lisa Newgent and her family participated in the general event on Saturday.

Lisa Daigle, Rachel Boone, Madison Krause, and I plunged during the corporate event on Friday. Lauren Gunnison came along to provide moral support, take pictures, and watch bags. Members of the Montgomery County team joined us as spectators. They were on a fact-finding mission, preparing to join in on the plunge next year. It was fulfilling to experience my colleagues in an off-site experience and observe their passion and enthusiasm.

Besides the shared adventure with Target folks, what struck me was the collection of people all dedicated to the support of those with disabilities. Sometimes we suffer from ‘blinder’ sickness in our focus on efforts here at Target. We do not always have the opportunity to engage with and celebrate other agencies that provide direct care or philanthropy to support our missions. To be among thousands (literally…I think…I lost count) of folks dedicated to supporting the lives other others, to see the smiles, laughter, and celebration, was worth all the standing around in the cold.

Thanks to each member of the Target and greater community for your fundraising and sacrifice to participate in last week’s events. In the words of the day’s master of ceremonies, the event was about showing the world that “…my intellectual disability does not define me.”

Participating in the Plunge has long been a bucket list item for me.  I am so glad I participated in my FIRST plunge alongside my colleagues dressed in Target green.

Until next year.

A big shout-out to all my generous friends and family who donated to my fundraising efforts.  Names for the cookie raffle will be drawn tomorrow.